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What is WebFix? It's a small program that connects your Windows pc to our helpdesk. Our technical support person will be able to see what's on your screen and work on your pc as if they were sitting with you at your computer.
What's needed? An Internet connection. Contact us for a username and password  to log in and download Webfix from the link on this page. Alternatively we can email the application to you.
What can you do? We can work with you to update or configure your pc, remove viruses and spyware, offer tips and give tutorials, install or uninstall software and troubleshoot problems.
I need a helping hand. Email us at with some details of your needs. Please include your contact details!
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   For Microsoft Windows users only. Login to download (248KB). Contact us for a username and password. 
  Click on the LPC WebFix icon above when you have arranged a support session and have a username and password. After login you will be prompted to run the application or save it to your computer. If you choose to save the program you won't have to log in again.

This program is provided at the user's own risk. Using our online support service implies that you take responsibility for any changes made to your system.

Please make sure that any data on your computer that you consider to be vital is backed up before using this service.

If you need help with backups we can provide advice or a backup service if you prefer. Data loss can be caused by catastrophic virus infections, accidental file deletion, hard disk failure, theft or natural disaster. If it's backed up you can restore your data. Are you prepared?